Welcome to VK Kohinoor Group DMCC


We at VK Kohinoor Group DMCC - Dubai UAE understand that each of our clients requires specialized services and personalized investment assistance. VK Kohinoor Group DMCC has been servicing and advising individuals and investors since 2017. Since then, we have positioned ourselves as a unique dedicated boutique in competitive gold and precious metal investments and trading.

With profound respect for these commodities and those who invest in them, VK Kohinoor Group DMCC provides a preferred platform for your investment growth. We assist you in making the right investment choices in precious metals in a way that helps to achieve your unique objectives. We also feature a secured deposit vault in Dubai, UAE, offering you our tailor-made storage services and the flexibility to sell whenever you want.

VK Kohinoor Group DMCC services range from investments, purchase and sale of pure gold and silver, insurance, logistics, and gold evaluation. With exceptional services at the heart of Dubai, VK Kohinoor Group DMCC finds the most beneficial ways for you to ensure your investments and assets' growth.


We Offer

At VK KOHINOOR, we are committed to providing our clients with gold and other precious metals at competitive rates. We also offer physical secured storage in Dubai, UAE, registered with SIRA and other government bodies that is accessible 24/7.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best tailor-made investment options into precious metals, secured physical storage and spot sale opportunities with 0% commission.

Our vision

To become the preferred precious metals investment boutique in UAE that serves best the client's interests and objectives.

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