Welcome to VK Kohinoor Group DMCC

We at VK Kohinoor Group DMCC - Dubai UAE understand that each of our clients requires specialized services and personalized investment assistance. VK Kohinoor Group DMCC has been servicing and advising individuals and investors since 2017. Since then, we have positioned ourselves as a unique dedicated boutique in competitive gold and precious metal investments and trading.

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Why become a member ?

Your membership account with VK Kohinoor Group DMCC is a free, confidential, and secure online account to manage your precious metals. With it, you can:

  • Add and withdraw funds whenever you want.
  • Buy physical products safely.
  • Store them in our secured vaults in Dubai UAE (free storage up to AED 45,000 in storage value).
  • Instantly sell your stored products with 0% commission.
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Shop by Budget

Pick the right items to invest your funds in. Select a metal, enter your budget range, and our

investment assistant will advise you on the items to pick from!

Why Trust Us?

We are duly registered with Dubai Authorities, Dubai Police, and other supervisory bodies. We are located in Dubai, UAE, the heart of the world's precious metals trading ecosystem.
We provide full insurance for our precious metal bars and coins stored in our vaults against theft, loss and damages.
VK Kohinoor registered members can easily sell their stored products back to us anytime. Your wallet monitors the value of your stored product in real-time to help you decide to sell or buy.
You can ask for the fully insured and secured delivery of your stored products whenever you want. We offer delivery in UAE with FedEx trusted international shipping company.

Lets Talk!

Someone from our customer care team will call you

Disclaimer: By clicking on Request a Call, you agree to be contacted by someone from our team. VK Kohinoor Group DMCC will not share any of your personal information outside of the company.

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Secure & Flexible Storage Solutions

VK Kohinoor believes in transparency. We store your investment in the heart of Dubai, UAE, the world's most secure location for precious metals. You can visit us and get access to your stored items anytime.

Choose your Payment Method

VK Kohinoor Group DMCC accepts payment is USD & AED

You can pay either by wire transfer, in-store payment, VK Kohinoor Group DMCC Pay or credit card


Bank transfers are free at VK Kohinoor (we collect no additional fees). Your metal rate for the order gets fixed when funds are credited to our account. VK Kohinoor cannot be held responsible for any conversion or other fees collected by your bank or intermediary banks.

VK Kohinoor Pay is our free instant payment and withdrawal solution (we collect no additional charges). You can use this option to transfer funds securely into your personal VK Kohinoor wallet before placing an order. This option allows you to instantly purchase a metal when the time is right (your bank may apply transfer charges which the account holder will bear).

You can make purchases with any credit or debit card supporting «3D Secure». Contact your card service provider directly to determine if your card supports 3D Secure.

The 3% surcharge fee is applied for priority payment.

Please take an appointment to visit our Dubai office to pay and pick up your precious metal with no handling charges. Available only at our Dubai Office.

VK Kohinoor payment link is our instant payment solution. You can request this option before placing an order. We will share the payment link on your registered e-mail ID to complete the transaction (your bank may apply transfer charges that the account holder will bear).


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

All your products stored with VK Kohinoor are covered by our insurance at no extra costs. Our insurance covers the total amount of the price you paid at purchase for your stored products.

You can keep your pecious metals in our vaults for as long as you like. 

We advise you to include your assets stored with VK Kohinoor in your will. Your heirs will be able to take possession of your stored items once the inheritance is settled by the relevant authority (judge, notary, etc.)

VK Kohinoor audits its vaults on a daily basis. An external audit is carried out once a year by a reputable third-party auditing company.

All of our customer's products are off our balancesheet. You are the one and only owner of these. If VK Kohinoor were to cease its business activities, each customer will be contacted personally to organize the delivery of his/her  assets. In addition, your products are insured at all times against theft, damage and loss.

Yes, we can buy back your precious metals stored with us. You can sell them back to us instantly from your VK Kohinoor personal account, 24/7.

All the precious metals stored in our secure vaults are 100% physically allocated. 

Yes, all the products you store in our vault are insured and protected against theft, damage, and loss at all times.

VK Kohinoor will debit your credit card for the storage fees and send you a quarterly invoice.

When placing your order, simply select the "insured storage" option in your cart and we will directly store your precious metals in our secure vault. Your list of the stored products will then be directly accessible on the Wallet page of your online account. Note that we only store products bought on our platform and, once delivered, these products can no longer be stored in our vault.

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